20 Apr 2012

Puzzle 35: Tatami 1

Sorry that I have been away for so long, avid readers. I have been preparing for the summer of programming contests (Google Code Jam, TopCoder Open and the Internet Puzzle Solving Contest).

Hopefully I should be back to my usual one-puzzle-per-weekday schedule. Let me know if there are any types of puzzle you would particularly like to see.

Rules of Tatami

Split the grid into subrectangles, so that each subrectangle contains exactly one marked cell. 

It is not allowed for four subrectangles to meet at a point.

This marked cell indicates how the dimensions of the subrectangle compare. If the subrectangle is longer than it is tall, the marked cell should be marked with a horizontal line, whereas if it is taller than it is long, it should be marked with a vertical line. Finally, if the subrectangle is square, the marked cell should be marked with a plus.

12 Apr 2012

Puzzle 32: Lits 3 (Redo)

Well it turns out my first version of Puzzle 32 had more than 1000 different solutions (thanks Prasanna for noticing). I have fixed it, and have verified that this one has only one solution, but I have made the puzzle substantially harder (or harder than I thought it was...). By the way, sorry that I have not been publishing much recently - I have been preparing for the Google Code Jam Qualification Round.

22 Mar 2012

Puzzle 33: Nurikabe 6

Thought I'd make a bit of an easier puzzle today. (Let me know if that didn't work out)